"I'm a registered nurse and I can tell you that urine is actually pretty clean. It only smells when it's highly concentrated, so if you're hydrated, it doesn't stink. I don't like toilet paper now. It's scratchy."

Jorjan P.


"Finally! These cloths address so many issues I've had with other wipes! One big issue for me has been the size. A bamboo washcloth specifically made for bidet use was just too much fabric to manage. I love the size of these, so much better. I love the wash bags that came, along with a command strip hook for the bag!design, and the way It makes it easy to separate clean and dirty. They are so soft, they launder beautifully and they feel substantial, but not too thick. I love the idea of cutting unsustainable paper/wood use for disposal things. These have already made a difference. The shop owner is wonderful! I will definitely be stocking more in the near future!"

Barb S.

Brown Handbag

"I find them (Fuzzy Wizettes) so much softer and and cleaner to use. They don't leave anything behind, like toilet paper. You do feel very pampered using them." I also carry them in my purse to use while away from home!"

Amy C.

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Fuzzy Wizettes
in the News!

In September of 2021 Monika Spykerman wrote a wonderful article that summarizes nicely how simple it is to adopt a low waste lifestyle using Fuzzy Wizettes.  

A Life Filled with Kindness

After switching to Fuzzy Wizettes, I noticed a very profound shift in my way of thinking. When I had to use toilet paper out of necessity or because I forgot to wash my Fuzzy Wizettes, I found myself apologizing to the trees for my lack of consideration and thanking them for having my back side.

It may seem like such a small thing, but when you contemplate that nearly 2.5 million trees are cut down everyday, every little shift in consciousness equals millions of lives saved. From the tree itself to the animals that live in the trees and the nearly invisible life forms in the soil, all of Earths creatures, including humans depend on trees for the air we breathe. With deforestation and climate change occurring at a rapid pace, it is up to all 7 billion of us humans to change our ways and get right with the world we live in.

Change is not always easy and we may not ever achieve perfection, but I certainly believe every one of us can do better than we are doing right now. Commit to being part of the solution today! You can tame that Windigo!