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Thanks for joining us as we discover how to disentangle ourselves from the modern day fairy tale romance that is our love affair with corporate America. At Taming Windigo, we want to support you on your journey to divorce companies that have destructive green-washing tendencies. Companies who have created what scientists now call the Anthropocene-- the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.

For some of us, the journey is a full on commitment to a zero waste lifestyle. For most of us, the journey is a little more complicated. 

WE are the power behind the corporate wheel of destruction. Our choices transform life.  Let's demonstrate how much we care about our Mother Earth and abandon single use paper products!  



Take a Wiz, Save A Tree

Our most popular product, Fuzzy Wizettes, are washable wipes designed to take the place of your toilet paper.  When used just for urine or in combination with a bidet, clean up is easy peesy.  Just place soiled Wizettes in a laundry bag or other receptacle until wash day.  No need to add anything special to the wash water but a bit of vinegar in the load can increase antibacterial effects.  Wash and dry with like colors on any temperature.  Fuzzy Wizettes have been pre-shrunk so what you see is what you get.  

In one year or less, your Fuzzy Wizettes will have paid for themselves.  At the end of their useful life, just put them out with your compost and replace with fresh Fuzzy Wizettes!

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